Ghouls Trip

Ghouls Trip is your haunted destination travel blog for America’s spookiest locations! Join us two Ghouls, Ivy and Hannah, on our paranormal road trip across the states!

On our Blog we cover everything from the smallest of cemeteries you’ve never heard of, to world-famous haunted locations. (We even investigate them ourselves when possible!) One of our goals is to eventually cover haunted locations in each state, and act as your own one-stop-shop for all of your spooky travel + investigative needs. Simply click on the Menu and look for your state in our State List!

Official Ghouls Trip map of the states we have covered locations in so far!

Do you have a haunted location in your state you would like us to write about, or haunted location you would like to share? Feel free to Contact Us!

We hope you join us for our Ghouls Trip!