Glore Psychiatric Museum


Located in St. Joseph, Missouri is the award winning Glore Psychiatric Museum. Named after George Glore, this museum houses over 10,000 items for visitors to view. 

George Glore was an occupational therapist for the St. Joseph State Hospital and worked with his patients to build and recreate past medical devices used to treat mentally ill patients from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. George planned on using these replicas to help tell the story of what early treatment was like for patients for a Mental Health Awareness Week open house. His recreations were such a success that they inspired the creation of the Glore Psychiatric Museum which opened in 1968 in the building that was formerly the medical unit for the State Hospital. This museum features many of George Glore’s recreations, as well as surgical tools, treatment equipment, personal notes from doctors, artwork create by the areas patients, and one particularly stomach turning exhibit featuring a spiral of small metal objects that were removed from the stomachs one patient who suffered from Pica; a psychological disorder characterized by an appetite for substances that are largely non-nutritive.

The 1446 items removed from patient’s stomach in 1929 who suffered from Pica. Photo taken by Ivy in September, 2020.

The museum also shares the history of the State Lunatic Asylum No. 2 which opened in St. Joseph in 1874 and houses exhibits for Native American and African American History, a doll exhibit, a morgue, and a tunnel with eerily painted walls.

Photo taken by Ivy of some of the murals in September, 2020.

Haunted History

With such a dark and cruel history behind the treatments used on mentally ill patients, it’s no surprise that this location became notoriously haunted…

Photo taken by Ivy of the Glore Psychiatric Museum in September, 2020.

The museum is also connected to a live prison, and it is believed that some of the more malevolent entities may have come from there. I will warn you, there is often security guards who patrol this entire area. We tried to walk around the museum grounds at night to take photos, but someone in the group was approached and told to go back inside by the authorities.

The active prison next to Glore. Photo taken by Ivy in September, 2020.

One good example of the activity that might be linked to the prison is a black humanoid entity in the museums concrete tunnel, which is connected to the prison, that has been named the “Creeper”. There is also reported activity in the morgue and in other areas of the second floor, with people experiencing cold spots, hearing voices, seeing objects move, and feeling like they are touched. People do capture orbs often, but much of this is dust so be weary when taking photos and videos with flash.

I took an Anthropology of the Paranormal and Supernatural class at Johnson County Community College at the beginning of 2020 and learned a lot about this location from the professor, Sean Daley. He would take students here to investigate every year or so and they almost always had encounters with the Creeper in the tunnel. (“Creeper does seem to be a popular name for humanoid entities who often lurk in dark places, like tunnels, so this is not the first.) One student in my class captured the Creeper in a photo on his phone and it honestly blew my mind; I could clearly see some sort of black humanoid mass in the tunnel in the photo. At some point in time someone had also caught a heat signature on the ceiling in the tunnel, with no logical explanation as to what would cause it and it couldn’t be debunked. Many students had also been physically attacked and scratched in tunnel, with most of them coincidentally being members of the LGBTQ+ community. Since the entity seems to present hidden knowledge by targeting this group of people along with growling and physical attacks, it is believed that it could be a malevolent demon.

My Findings and Final Thoughts

I recently spent four hours alone in the museum investigating it with five other people and I did gather some pretty solid evidence and had some neat experiences. (I only wish Hannah could have joined me!) We started in the tunnel, where my friend and fellow investigator Kenzi, heard a footstep/slide on the ground.

Some of my equipment that was used in the concrete tunnel. Photo taken in September, 2020.

We went to the morgue next where there was possible flashlight activity, but we could not get anything conclusive. To be honest, being in an old morgue late at night wasn’t nearly as creepy or unsettling as I thought it would be.

Photo taken in the morgue by Ivy in September, 2020.

My husband (a huge skeptic) and I then decided to investigate in a room on the second floor being used to exhibit dolls. Within this room, I captured a small anomaly on camera, but it may have been a floating fuzz or hair. (It was difficult to tell.)

We then spent some time on the third floor in a small chapel. When nothing happened, I went and sat alone at the end of a dark hallway and again, experienced nothing. We had a feeling that we should go back in the tunnel one last time where the “Creeper” is, and we finally had some good experiences! While walking in, I took three photos in succession with each one showing some sort of black humanoid mass. Here is two of them side by side; the bottom is roughly outlined. I am hesitant to say if this is 100% an entity or the Creeper caught on camera, or if it is just perfectly timed shadows. (I would need to go back and experiment to debunk…)

Possible entity caught on camera, taken by Ivy in September, 2020.

I also captured two possible orbs on camera in the tunnel around the same time that my EMF meter spiked, which was very compelling to me. They were much more opaque and had a tint to them, which was very different than the transparent, white dust that I was seeing on camera that night.

The two top photos are the orbs that showed up on camera when there was EMF spike; the bottom two are how the dust looked on camera that night, taken by Ivy.

My husband and I also heard the same footstep/slide sound that my friend Kenzi heard earlier in the tunnel! Even my skeptic of a husband thought it was me because it was so loud, but I was filming and you could see that I wasn’t moving or walking. We also captured good potential EVPs, including potential growls.

I was able to film the entire experience for everyone else to enjoy! You can watch the whole thing and see/hear the evidence for yourself on our YouTube channel.

Tips for debunking:

  • The vents are pretty loud on the third floor, and when listening back for EVPs it sometimes sounds like a loud breath or growl.
  • There is quite a bit of dust, so be aware of this while taking photos! They often get mistaken here for orbs.

My Tips for Visiting

Can it be investigated? Yes!

You can schedule the place to yourself (it cost us $300 to do this) or try and search for local teams that host their own investigations there, usually around the month of October. You can also still visit the museum during the day, just check online for current museum prices and business hours.

With many people believing that the entity in the tunnel is possibly demonic, please take whatever precautions make you feel comfortable. Also know that nothing is as scary as it seems; I was a bit mouthy with this entity, and I still came out alive.

Frighteningly yours,


Works cited:

Some of the information about the hauntings has been gathered through hearing the accounts first hand from other local investigators.

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