Chancellor Virginia 1900’s Four-Room Schoolhouse

This blog post is a little different than the others; this is a private residential house that I investigated on Halloween. My friend Tempest recently moved into this old home that was converted from the original 4-room schoolhouse in Spotsylvania Virginia. Having previous experience with the paranormal and immediately after moving into her new home, she knew something felt… spooky. The first time I visited, I also felt something was off and some unexplained things happened to me as well. Even a hundred years later… Is the school still in session?

(While this will be a blog post, there will also be a YouTube video of the investigation to go along with this post!)

Please check out the video on this blog post to see evidence we captured!

Our YouTube video is going under for some editing currently as a I noticed a few investigation/evidence errors such as orbs/dust. Please hold and we will re-upload those and then link them here!


Upon arrival, there was not much history that Tempest could tell me besides what the previous owners told her and left her with an old email with information regarding the house and a few old envelopes that the teachers in the schoolhouse sent out. According to the email, the information found is from Educational Trends in Spotsylvania County 1721-1957 by Charles Snow. There are no found historical photos of the original schoolhouse. It states, “In 1912 Chancellor School was built in Chancellor District. This was originally a four-room building with four teachers: one high school teacher and three elementary school teachers. The school was first called Ashby School and named in honor or Mr. James Ashby, who was superintendent of Public Schools in the county at its time of erection. As the one teacher schools in the district closed, additional rooms were added to the Ashby School, and a few years later the school took the name Chancellor High School. Ashby School was built in 1912 at the cost of $2,250.”

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Tempest’s house, taken by Hannah

With this, there are several old flagpole holders in the rooms mounted on the walls, old school desks that are being stored in the barn in the yard, and indents on the floor were the desks were once bolted down. The original siding and wooden step are still within the house. The land the school and now house are built on was once civil war battleground land as well.

Email left in a cabinet regarding the history of the home, taken by Hannah.

Haunted History

We aren’t sure if the previous owners of the house had any paranormal happenings, but since Tempest has had plenty of past experiences with the paranormal, she knew something was afoot. When she first moved into the house, she experienced the feeling the being watched in the kitchen and living room. Her dog, Luke, refused to go down the hallway leading to the bedrooms, where Tempest has experienced the doors to the back bedroom and closet opening and shutting by themselves. She has also experienced the cellar door unlocking itself, where her dog will cry if the door is open. She has also heard footsteps and knocking on the cellar and hallway ways. When I visited for the first time, we also had unexplained experiences. When first entering her house, I noticed the cellar door was unlocked and opened, so I locked and shut the door. I let Tempest know and she told me she shut and locked the door right before we came over. I was then walking down the hallways towards the back bedroom and I felt someone come up behind me and sigh in my ear. I turned around and no one was there… I ran back down that hallway. After, I was in the living room with Luke while Amber and Tempest were in the kitchen near the cellar. I heard three knocks on the wall and asked why they were knocking… come to find out, they thought it was me and we could not explain the knocking noise. I had also seen something in the corner of my eye in the back hallway… I thought it was Luke walking around, but I remembered he did not go down that hallway and he was sitting behind me.

Halloween Investigation and Evidence

This Halloween, we headed to Tempest’s house to investigate to see if we were able to capture what we saw and felt on camera. During the initial interview in the cellar, we caught 1-2 orbs on camera. After reviewing, we believe these are orbs and not dust particles. Also, in the initial interview in the cellar, you can hear Luke, Tempest’s dog, crying upstairs as he would constantly cry when we were in the cellar, when the cellar door was open, and would refuse to come down.

Starting the investigation, we headed to the hallway and back room where the doors are said to open and shut by themselves and where I felt and heard someone sigh behind me. I tested the doors to the room and the closet to make sure they were not on a slant or were opening/shutting by themselves because of a weight issue. The doors were normal, and nothing was causing them to open or shut due to weight or slant of the room. In the room, we set up a REM Pod (check out our equipment section to find out more about our equipment and what they do!), EMF reader, temperature reader, digital recorder, and polaroid camera. We received no EVPs, temperature changes, or EMF spikes. The only piece of evidence we captured in this room were orbs. One orb was located by the REM Pod and one when taking pictures of the closet. We also had some strange things happen with our polaroid photos…

During the cellar investigation, I sent out the digital recorder and I heard footsteps coming upstairs yet the recorder did not pick this up. For some reason, I physically could not go downstairs, like there was a wall in front of me. The energy felt off and extremely negative. I turned the camera at Amber and my friend Kelsey, at the same time, they looked at each other and shut the cellar door quickly. After, I found out they both heard someone coming up the stairs behind them.

At the end of the investigation, we decided to walk through each room and do a small house blessing with some incense. Everything felt fine again until we were at the cellar. When everyone went downstairs the second time, I stayed upstairs with Luke the dog as he was crying since everyone was downstairs. Those who went downstairs had different reactions; Tempest was tongue tied when trying to say blessings, Sara was about to have a panic attack, Amber was extremely angry, and Kelsey and myself were having chest pains and felt like we could not pass the threshold to go downstairs. We left a banishment candle in the bathroom to burn all night and continue giving the positive energy. After reviewing the footage, an orb flies out of Tempest’s hand as she is holding the candle.

After finishing up, we all headed outside to relax a bit. Both Kelsey and I saw a figure pacing back and forth in the cellar window and both Sara and Amber saw a mist like substance… Luke also saw this and was viciously barking at it. We left the house shortly after that.

While we didn’t catch any EVPs on my digital recorder, there were possible orbs (could be dust! Could be a ghost!) that we found. Most of the investigation, our evidence came from things we saw that were not caught on camera and also things we felt – the energy in there was intense.

After the Investigation

The following morning, I woke up to quite startling messages from Tempest. After we left and she was getting ready for bed, she heard crashes from the cellar, someone stomping up the stairs, and the door rattling like someone was trying to open it. When she went to check out the bathroom where the cellar was, there was a gust of wind and the candle flame was flickering but there was no wind draft. After this happened, Tempest said the house felt ‘light’ and there was not an energy watching her anymore nor did she feel the negativity….

We will be following up when Tempest is back in town to see if anything else happens or if the school finally let its last remaining students free…

Hauntingly yours,


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