Sunken Hill Battlefield


Located in Fredericksburg Virginia at Sunken Road, The Battle of Fredericksburg was fought on December 11-15, 1862. This battle marked another unsuccessful attempt by the Union army to move south against the Confederate capital at Richmond. The Union suffered over 12,600 casualties and the Confederate losses were around 5,300 casualties. To this day, there are still several standing artifacts from the war. The most notable is the stone wall that protected the Confederate soldiers. The original wall is still standing in parts of the battlefield while other parts were rebuilt in the 1930’s and early 2000’s. Another is the Innis House which was built in 1861 and owned by Martha Stephens. This house was used as a headquarters during the war and is now owned by the National Park Service to preserve the house.

The Innis House, taken by Hannah
About the Innis House…. taken by Hannah.

Haunted History

With such a brutal and bloody history, there is always a chance of a paranormal haunting of the area. There have been several reports of people hearing gunfire or hearing commands and seeing soldiers wandering around the original stone wall or headstones. Further down the battlefield, in the confederate cemetery, there have been claims of whispering can be heard among the headstones.

The original wall, where claims of apparitions are seen, taken by Hannah

My experience

I frequently walk through here as it’s a very popular area! I personally have not experienced anything paranormal, but I have heard from an acquaintance that they have captured figures of soldiers on camera!

The area has walking trails, museum shop, and is part of the Civil War Tour that is offered in the area. This is a great place to come to learn about Virginia’s history and see what is still standing from the war.

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The trail on the battlefield, taken by Hannah.

My Tips for Visiting

  • As this is a historic site, please be respectful and follow all rules on the grounds.
  • Regarding COVID, it is an outdoor area but there are other people usually around, so always wear a mask and remain 6 feet from others.
  • There is a museum shop, with hours posted on the website.

Hauntingly Yours,


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To Note: Some of this information has also been gathered through years of studying this location, talking to local investigators/locals, watching/reading every source, and hearing these rumors firsthand.

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