The Lord Baltimore Hotel


Located at 20 West Baltimore Street in Maryland, the Lord Baltimore Hotel was designed by William Lee Stoddart in 1928. During this time, it was the era of the Great Depression and some think the height of the building was a factor in several tragedies during that time. The hotel closed in 1982, needed a major renovation and the partnership that owned the building went bankrupt in 1983. But in 1987, the hotel was then bought again. It was then bought and sold a few more times over the next 20 years. The hotel now is owned by Rubell Hotels and had a total remodel of the rooms and public spaces within the building. The hotel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and is part of the Historic Hotels of America.

Lord Baltimore Hotel - Wikipedia
The Lord Baltimore Hotel, photo credit to Wikipedia

Haunted History:

While researching this hotel, it seems throughout the years that guests have reported a variety of paranormal activity. As mentioned in the history, this hotel was the one of the tallest structures during the Great Depression and sadly ended up contributing to more than 20 documents jumps from the top of the building which has been speculated as to why there are so many spirits that roam the hotel’s halls. One documented case is a couple who jumped off the building with their young daughter, who has been known as “Molly.” Molly is said to be seen in the halls wearing a white dress and playing with a red ball. There has even been a report of a handprint of a child that is on a wall in one of the penthouse that will not disappear.

Guests have also reported seeing spirits floating down the hallways to the ballrooms, dancing when they arrive and elevators that open and shut without anyone pressing the buttons. Many people have also reported feeling “watched” or having a “creepy” feeling when entering and staying at the hotel. This hotel also provides various ghost tours and ghost hunters have come here to investigate for National Ghost Hunting day.

My (Future) Investigation:

Many years ago, I actually stayed at this hotel while visiting Baltimore. I never knew this place had claims of the paranormal and now after doing some research, I want to go back and investigate. This will be a future investigation!

Hauntingly Yours,

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