Alma Cemetery


Located in Alma, Kansas is the Alma Cemetery. Alma is a very small town, with the 2010 census only listing 832 residents. This cemetery is somewhat of a hidden local gem, with not a lot of people outside of the immediate area ever hearing about it.

Haunted History

Alma Cemetery is home to a common urban legend known as a “Devils Chair”. In folklore, a devil’s chair is essentially anything ranging from an actual chair or bench to anything else that can be sat on, where the person who comes in contact with it will be harmed supernaturally in some way. The devil’s chair at Alma Cemetery starts with the legend of an old, mean farmer in the 1800s who had owned the land. He refused to sell his land to the town, so someone allegedly pushed the old farmer into a well on his property, killing him. After his “disappearance”, the land was taken over and the well was covered, with no one knowing his body was laying below. It is now said that anyone who sits on the cover of the well, which is located next to this cemetery, will disappear and never be seen or heard from again, just like the old farmer. (This did supposedly happen to a local teenager who vanished suddenly afterwards.) It is now believed that the farmers spirit haunts the cemetery, as well as the restless spirits of other people who have been buried here.

Today, many people claim to take photographs of orbs and white misty figures in the cemetery, as well as hearing disembodied voices and mysterious banging sounds. There is also a fence and some woods that run along the cemetery where many people feel an overwhelming dark presence. Some visitors have even claimed that this presence followed them home, causing bad/unlucky events to occur, and they warn other visitors to never go along the wooded side of the cemetery…

Photo of Alma Cemetery, taken by Ivy in 2020.

My Findings and Final Thoughts

Like many urban legends, the story of the farmer being pushed into the well is based purely on rumors with no local documentation to support it, same with the teenager that disappeared at the well. The location of the well is also very difficult to find, with many people keeping the exact location on the down-low. When I visited this cemetery on my own I was unable to locate it, which was also made difficult because the cemetery is surrounded by what I believe is private property. (The last thing I wanted was to be arrested for trespassing while trying to find a “haunted well”…) I have also recently learned that the well has been filled and covered completely, so there is at least no worry of falling in, which was far more dangerous and scary than any lingering ghost could be!

148 - Alma Cemetery - Kansas
A photo of the well before it was filled and covered, from

During the summer of 2020 I conducted my own independent investigation in the cemetery which was fairly easy to get away with. There wasn’t a single other visitor that day, so we parked near the very back where I sat out of sight from the road. Some locals don’t like people investigating here, which is understandable; some of them have loved ones buried here, and there are a lot of toxic investigators who show no respect to the diseased when investigating cemeteries. I know I have covered cemeteries on here before, but it’s worth mentioning again to any readers who are new to our blog that if you investigate a cemetery, only do it respectfully; don’t investigate or take photos around mourners, and always speak kindly to the dead.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alma-cemetery-1.jpg
The equipment I brought with me that day! An Instax Mini Polaroid Camera, K2 EMF Meter, and a digital voice recorder.

The only odd experience I had was that I did hear louder sounds behind me while I was performing an EVP session, almost as if someone knocked on a tree. Of course there is plenty of wild life that could cause this sound, but it was not a woodpecker or any other animal I could see. My discreet investigation efforts didn’t result in any other evidence of the paranormal. The numerous polaroid and digital photos that I took showed nothing, and I received no EMF spikes or EVPs. (It is difficult listening back for EVPs because it is outside, meaning you have sounds from birds, insects, cars, and especially wind contaminating it.)

Almost all orb photographs are unfortunately just dust or insects, which is common when taking flash photographs outside, especially at night. Most misty photographs are likely dirt that has been kicked up as well.

Being the intrigued paranormal enthusiast that I am, I also ignored the warnings to stay away from the wooded side of the cemetery and spent plenty of time there. Not only did I pick up on no dark presence, but I also experienced nothing at home that lead me to think an entity followed me back. Because I practice witchcraft, I do keep protections up around my home which could explain why nothing happened to me afterwards.

A child’s headstone in Alma, Cemetery. Photo taken by Ivy in 2020.

This was still a lovely summer day that I went, and I always enjoy my time in cemeteries regardless if there is paranormal activity or not.

My Tips for Visiting

Can it be investigated? Yes!

Just be discrete, and try parking in the back of the cemetery. It is free to enter, and I could not find any business hours posted, so you might even be able to investigate at night.

Because some locals do not like paranormal investigators coming here, please keep any investigation attempts quiet and respectful. There is also quite a few veteran graves, so be mindful of this.

Be warned: I have heard of people who investigated at night that were interrupted or forced to leave the cemetery by locals who didn’t want them there. (This is why I chose to go during the day.)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alma-cemetery-5.jpg
Photo of Alma Cemetery, taken by Ivy in 2020.

Frighteningly yours,


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Some of this information has also been gathered by Ivy being somewhat local and hearing stories first hand.

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