Sinking Springs Cemetery

Sinking Springs Cemetery, Photo taken by Hannah


Located in Abington Virginia, the Sinking Spring Cemetery was established in 1773 as a burial ground by Presbyterian Church. As this cemetery was created for members of the Presbyterian Church, the Reverend, Charles Cummings, also had a log cabin house built on the 11 acres of cemetery land. Separated by Russel Road, there is another burial place for the once enslaved people by the Presbyterians and also free people of color in the African American cemetery. There are also several gravestones of unknown soldiers who were killed in the Civil War. This cemetery is open to the public for viewing and there are brochures by the entrance gate with information and for a self-guided tour.

The cabin on the cemetery, Photo taken by Hannah
Sinking Springs Cemetery, Photo taken by Hannah.

Haunted History:

There are few accounts of the area of Abington being haunted and this cemetery is one of those locations. While doing research in the area, this cemetery appeared in a few searches that said it was haunted, but did not give many accounts of WHY it was haunted. More so, they all talked about the age of the cemetery and a lot of people associate anything that is older to be haunted.

In a future post, I will be writing about another one of these locations that I investigated, the Martha Inn. The main haunted focus is that two spirits, who are said to haunt the Inn, located in the same area, are buried here along with others who had perished in that location. Once I post my investigation on the Martha, I will link it to this post!

There is not much else in relation to the paranormal as this location is more historical to the area.

Ivy found a website of a paranormal investigation team that investigated this cemetery – their findings were that there was low paranormal activity here. They did briefly mention people seeing a “Woman in White” late at night, which is a common legend associated with older cemeteries. People also report hearing disembodied moans and voices from the cemetery late at night as well, with the Black Diamond Paranormal Society having captured two or three possible EVPs themselves, but that seemed to be it.

Sign outside the cemetery, Photo taken by Hannah

Investigation and Experience:

I visited on a very cold and snowy day while doing an investigation in the area. I stopped by to grab a brochure and do a self-guided tour as some of the said spirits that haunted the location I was investigating, the Martha Inn, were said to be buried here. I unfortunately did not get to explore much as it was icy and I could not find their gravesites. I took some photos and read a lot of the various signs and gravestones to learn more about the area. I do plan on doing a follow-up investigation of the location and the cemetery in the future once the weather improves and the pandemic has ended.

While I doubt this location is haunted, it is a good visit and self-guided tour for anyone wanting to learn more about Virginia history.

Hauntingly Yours,


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Sinking Springs Cemetery Brochure (Located in the Cemetery)

To Note: Some of this information has also been gathered through years of studying this location, talking to local investigators/locals, watching/reading every source, and hearing these rumors firsthand.

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