Kansas City Woods

This post will be a little bit…different. We typically stay on the topic of more well known locations we visit and explore that are accompanied by tales of human ghosts and spirits. But as someone with more beliefs worth sharing, I felt it was time to dive into the topic of some more inhuman entities.

Throughout Kansas City, you can find the occasional plot of wooded land that is still fairly untouched by the busy city around it. Myself and other local investigators have noticed though that something is going on in them, especially in some areas off of the Indian Creek Trail…

Photo of the area of woods I spent time in recently, taken in February 2021.

I’ve heard stories of haunting-like activity and “bad luck” happening to people who built homes or renovate along wooded areas, with the activity not stopping until offerings (like tobacco) are given to the unseen entities causing it.

It is also said that people who litter, or are generally disrespectful towards nature will sometimes be supernaturally harassed. (Tripped, pushed, scratched, etc.) This has lead some of us to conclude that there must be some sort of nature spirit activity going on. Some people refer to them as Fae (fey, fair folk, fairies, sidhe, etc. from European folklore) while others believe that Fae are not on this continent, and that it must be entities from Native American folklore. While we are not quite sure who (or what) it is, we do know that something is trying to protect these small plots of wooded land that we have left, so referring to them as “nature spirits” feels right.

I usually bring my digital voice recorder, K2 EMF meter, and a pendulum. Photo from February 2021.

I have investigated a few of these areas, including one location where people would photograph these entities as odd light anomalies that show up at night on camera. Although I haven’t photographed these lights myself yet, seen EMF spikes, or received EVPs of any kind, there is one odd thing that I have encountered almost everywhere: hearing the sound of light, bi-pedal footsteps that follow me along the trail after I have investigated. And I know I am not the only one who has heard them. They do not sound like a bird, squirrel, or any other small animal, nor are they heavy enough to be caused by a human following you. It is also worth mentioning that these wooded areas can be easily seen through, especially during fall and winter when the trees and shrubs are bare, so I know the footsteps aren’t caused by a person following me because I would have seen them.

That being said, humans are far more dangerous than any unseen entity could possibly be! I always have at least a knife and pepper spray on me when investigating alone. The Indian Creek Trail is especially dangerous, with murders and sexual assault having occurred on it.

Do you even investigate haunted woods if you don’t take cool photo’s that look like you are dropping a fire music album? (Photo from February 2021.)

I like knowing we aren’t quite alone when we submerge ourselves in nature, and it is comforting to know that these nature spirits are seemingly here to protect and preserve untouched land. I wouldn’t be surprised if these entities are present everywhere where nature has yet to be spoiled by man…

Some Witchy Things

Because we are dealing with a different type of haunting, I do try to get in touch with my spiritual side while doing this type of investigation. I will sit, meditate, and talk to possible spirits or entities first before busting out my ghost hunting gadgets. I also like to bring a good book if things seem calm, and to further enjoy my time in nature; the last time I went, I chose Folk Witchcraft by Roger J. Home.

A book I highly recommend, and will add to our “Books We Recommend” page!

Something else I often do is bring empty glass jars with me for any materials I might come across that are useful in my craft. The last time I went, I stumbled upon a black locust tree, so I picked some fallen thorns on the ground. I also picked a sprig from some sort of evergreen.

Jars are a must for all witchy adventures!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and taking a new and fresh glimpse into my little haunting life.

Frighteningly yours,



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