Private Home Investigation: Mini Follow-up

In October, I investigated my friend Tempest’s home that was having very unusual and strange activity. After cleansing the house, there was some activity, but the house went quiet (after one last loud bang from the resident ghost!). Recently, there have been strange happenings again and we wanted to see if we could capture anything.

Also to note, we have been fully vaccinated and all parties in the home have been as well.

Please watch our YouTube video and read out blog post “Chancellor Virginia 1900’s Four-Room School House” for some background on this location!

Updated Investigation Video from 2020. We removed a clip of an “orb” as we debunked this as dust. Always try to debunk!

The layout of this post will be a bit different from our other’s as this is only a small follow-up from a previous investigation.

Tempest had arrived back from being on a COVID Contract as a travel nurse. She had two people living in her house while she was away, and they reported the place feeling “extremely creepy” while they were living there. When Tempest and her dog arrived back at the house, there was immediate activity. She was hearing footsteps from the kitchen, the cabinets in the kitchen opening and shutting/she was able to hear it from other room, her dog was still uneasy and would not follow her down the hallway, and the motion sensor in the hallway would go off when no one was around.

During our visit, multiple unexplained things were happening that I was unable to debunk. When first arriving, I wanted to check out the back hallway and bedroom, that the dog refused to go down and where the motion sensor light would go off with no one around. When entering the hallway, the motion light would only come on once I was directly under the ceiling lamp. At the end of the hallway bedroom, Tempest told me previously about how the closet doors would open and shut by themselves. In October, I tested the doors and there was no way they could move on their own as they are heavy and level. Tempest had left both of the closets open, but when I walked in, the right side was shut. I did some EMF readings, set out my digital recorder, and set out my REM pod, but there was no activity. I did take some photos of the closet with my polaroid camera and captured a white mist shape in the closest. I was unable to debunk this as the other photos I took of the area did not have this white color/shape.

After this, I walked towards the cellar as that was the main location of the activity from the last investigation. The cellar door would end up open with no explanation after being shut. When I walked over to the cellar, both doors were open, and Tempest said they had been shut since Tuesday (it was now Friday.) We decided to investigate and there was only EMF spikes in the cellar and going down the stairs. We shut the door after that and didn’t go back down.

Taking photos in October….

The main source of activity seemed to occur in the kitchen. While we were in there, we heard the sounds of footsteps several times, a cabinet slammed while we were in the kitchen, and for the first time, I saw a full body apparition – all three of us did at the same time. The three of us were walking back into the kitchen to bake dessert and we all saw a tall, shadowy figure of a man facing towards the window and vanished as fast as he appeared. The rest of the night, there were the sounds of footsteps, cabinets opening, and the motion light coming on with nothing around that could trigger it. Tempest’s house does have some sort of energy, that doesn’t want to leave.

A few weeks later, we slept over Tempest’s house and nothing out of the ordinary happened and there was nothing new to report, just the usual strange sounds and feelings. Overall, it’s always exciting to sleep over a haunted location and to learn more about the history as well. I also want to thank my friend Tempest for allowing me to investigate and putting up with my love for the paranormal!

Hauntingly Yours,


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