The Belle Grove Plantation

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Located in King George Virginia, the Belle Grove Plantation was established in the 1670’s as a tobacco plantation. The original mansion was built over the plantation in 1791 for the Hopkins-Bernard Family and expanded for the Turner family in 1839. This location is a historic Virginia location as President James Madison was born here. The Belle Grove was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 11, 1973 and was restored from 1997 to 2003; updated with modern convivences but still having the original architecture. It opened in August 2013 as a bed and breakfast and is still operating as such to this day.

(Inside the building, I took this while exploring.)

Haunted History

The location has been investigated on the tv shows “Ghost Hunters” and “Kindred Spirits” which has brought more popularity to this historic site. The most common occurrence of paranormal activity is reported to be orbs and strange light anomalies while photos are being taken. According to, there have been 23 full body apparitions reported since March 2013. Most of these apparitions are said to be Union Civil War soldiers who are patrolling the grounds. Other reported spirits are one of a young boy named Jacob who is very mischievous, who has been said to move and steal objects from the kitchen. Another report of spirits is those not human; there is said to be ghost cats roaming the house and the land! Along with visuals, there have been disembodied voices, unexplained knocks, and footsteps reports and recorded in the building.

My Findings and Investigation

Over the years, I have heard TONS of paranormal stories regarding the Belle Grove Plantation.
I signed up for a 1.5-hour ghost hunting tour on a Friday night from 9pm until 10:30pm. It lasted until after midnight and I am so glad it did! I am usually skeptical of paranormal tours, but this location had too many unexplained happenings and evidence I witnessed with my own eyes. This has honestly been one of the most active locations I have ever investigated. I only brought my EMF detector and digital recorder as I was unsure how the ghost hunting tour would work but next time, I will be bringing all my equipment.

Arriving at the Belle Grove Plantation around 8:30pm and there were two paranormal groups, Covert Paranormal and G.I. Paranormal, who were leading the investigation. We were first taken to the gift shop which was once of the caretaker’s house. This house was said to be haunted by a spirit named Baldwin, who was not a very nice guy. I’m not too sure on his history, but next investigation I will be getting some more historical information on the spirits that reside within the site. During our first EVP session in the caretaker’s house, I was immediately touched on the face, my neck was grabbed, and something brushed my arm. When asking if this was Baldwin, there were immediate EMF spikes. While the team was continuing another EVP session, myself and another investigator went to a back room to look around. While checking out the room with a SLS camera, we both heard a voice between us and a gust of cold air.

After an investigation in the main room, we moved upstairs to the second floor with a successful Estes Method session, where the spirit box was intelligently answering our questions. On both this floor and the bottom floor, there were several disembodied voices heard, sounding feminine. Along with this, we all heard what sounded like footsteps from another room upstairs.  After about an hour or so, we walked to the main building’s basement were most of our investigation took place. While the plantation was active, the basement was used for the enslaved quarters and kitchen area. During the investigation downstairs, we kept hearing disembodied female voices, footsteps, and shuffling in the back kitchen area…some of us even smelled food. There was also a successful Estes session in the basement, with many clear and intelligent responses to our questions.

There was A LOT of activity and I am still going through all of the collected evidence from my digital recorder, notes, and iPhone videos. In the future, I will be doing another investigation with Covert Paranormal as this location was extremely active and had a lot of unexplained happenings. I plan to upload a video on our YouTube channel to compile all the evidence I gathered from this investigation and the future investigation with Tyler from Covert Paranormal!

Hauntingly Yours,


Tips for Visiting

-The Belle Grove Plantation is also a bed & breakfast. Rooms can be booked along with 1.5 hour ghost tours.

-This ghost tour is good for both beginner and novice investigators, the guides so a great job explaining everything from the equipment to what can happen.


-The tickets for the 1.5 hour tour cost $25.

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Belle Grove Plantation Bed & Breakfast, King George, VA

To Note: Some of this information has also been gathered through years of studying this location, talking to local investigators/locals, watching/reading every source, and hearing these rumors firsthand.

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