About Us

Ivy Boyd (@Tattoosandspooks)

As a child, I had imaginary ghost friends that I would play with (not creepy at all…right?) and was obsessed with books like Goosebumps, and TV shows like A Haunting and Ghost Hunters. After getting my hands on To Ride A Silver Broomstick by Silver RavenWolf, I also added “be a witch” to my list of childhood goals and interests. My paranormal obsession took off after I visited my first haunted location (Matrot Castle in Topeka, Kansas) armed with a disposable Kodak camera and a toy voice recorder from the Scholastic Magazine that I would use for at-home EVP sessions while alone in my bedroom. As I grew up, I started experimenting with things like Bloody Mary, and as a teen I went on to use a glow-in-the-dark Ouija board from Toys-R-Us with some of my sisters in our childhood home. After using the board, strange noises and shadow figures plagued myself and my household for months. As scary as this sounds, it only fascinated me further, so I turned even more towards witchcraft to try and understand this paranormal phenomenon and invested in my own professional ghost-hunting gadgets.

I also had dreams of becoming a tattoo artist, but quit a tattoo apprenticeship because the shop was not a good environment. (I would love to try another apprenticeship someday, and I do practice tattooing at home on fake skin, fruit, and myself…) At one point, I also had dreams of being a hairstylist and I enrolled with Paul Mitchell the School. It was there that my classmates opened my eyes to the world of paranormal podcasts, so I made another abrupt career choice and decided to quit the school as well. With my new title as “Beauty School Dropout” and a few thousand dollars in debt, I started my own paranormal comedy podcast called The Witching Hour with a fellow witch and investigator, Kenzi. I started a second paranormal history/debunking podcast called Creepin’ It Real on my own and had learned that pursuing the paranormal was my true-life passion. This is actually how I first met Hannah, who was a fan of my podcasts and would often comment/message me on Instagram! (Funny how fate works…) As fun as it is researching and discussing haunted places, I realized that the only thing I enjoy more is actually visiting and investigating these locations myself. I have since left the podcasting scene (for now) in pursuit of Ghouls Trip!

On any given day you can find me researching paranormal theories, writing, collecting haunted items, using my spirit board or pendulum, traveling to, researching, and investigating haunted locations, and speaking on other people’s paranormal podcasts. What sets me aside the most from other paranormal investigators is that I am a practicing witch and investigate with a blend of spiritual practices and beliefs, while also incorporating scientific theories and equipment alongside me to help validate my experiences and claims. I am also a self-professed “Debunking Queen” and I am not afraid to say it like it is. The paranormal is certainly an obsession that I will carry on with me for the rest my life…and afterlife!

Frighteningly yours,


Hannah (@SpookyAHBOO)

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a thirst for exploration. Besides loving the paranormal, more than any normal person should, I enjoy baking, antiquing, and reading – just like the grandma that I am… hmm maybe I am actually 97 … But anyhow, I am also a huge fan of Halloween and anything spooky; Spirit Halloween is an essential Home Décor shopping spot.

The paranormal has always piqued my interest, as it always finds its way to me in some form or another… it all started when I was a kid living in West Virginia and there was a shadow figure who would (uninvitedly) visit me in my room every night. After moving to Virginia, even more paranormal happenings occurred in my family’s home and has just progressed over time. Usually the paranormal always finds me, but now I think it is my turn I find them! I have recently become a paranormal investigator after always dreaming about it.

With this blog, we plan on writing about various paranormal locations from state to state and visiting many of these locations ourselves to conduct our own investigations. Buckle up and do not forget your best ghost hunting outfit – we hope you will join us on our Ghouls Trip!

Hauntingly Yours,