The Shanghai Tunnels

History Located in Portland, Oregon are the infamous Shanghai Tunnels, also referred to as the Old Portland Underground. These tunnels connected the Old Town, a.k.a. Chinatown, to the central downtown area of Portland and then to the Willamette River waterfront. This allowed businesses to receive and move their goods from the cargo ships without worrying [...]

Alexander Majors House (and Barn)

History Located at 8201 State Line Rd in Kansas City, Missouri is the historical Alexander Majors House. This lovely antebellum house was built in 1856 for the family of Alexander Majors. The house served as both a family home and as the headquarters for Majors' very successful freight company. Many people carry on memory of [...]

St. Albans Sanatorium

St. Albans today, photo found on Colonial Ghosts/Credit to the Maryland Ghost Trackers History: Located in Radford Virginia, St. Albans Sanatorium was first built and used as a private preparatory high school for boys in 1892 by Professor George W. Miles. Miles envisioned this school as a place where boys would learn to be “future [...]

The Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins

History The lovely stone "castle" ruins at the Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Camden County, Missouri are one of the Midwest's favorite travel spots and its name comes from the Native American Osage phase that translates to "laughing waters". The ruins have not always looked this way though; this location used to be a [...]

Graffiti House

History: Located in Brandy Station Virginia, the Graffiti House was constructed in 1858 by James Barbour and is one of the only remaining structures that was built before the American Civil War. The house was built near the Orange & Alexandra Railroad and because of this, the house was considered a strategic location that was [...]

Bunny Man Bridge

History Located in Fairfax Virginia, the Bunny Man Bridge is an urban legend that began in the 1970 with several different variations of the tale. This bridge located at 6497 Colchester Road is also an overpass for trains which was built in 1906, part of the Civil War era of railroad stations. While there is [...]

Glore Psychiatric Museum

History Located in St. Joseph, Missouri is the award winning Glore Psychiatric Museum. Named after George Glore, this museum houses over 10,000 items for visitors to view.  George Glore was an occupational therapist for the St. Joseph State Hospital and worked with his patients to build and recreate past medical devices used to treat mentally [...]

Weems-Botts Museum

History Located at 3944 Cameron Street in Dumfries Virginia, the Weems-Botts House has been a historical landmark since the 1700’s. Built in 1749, this house was originally built to serve as a vestry, a sacred place to keep religious items, for the Quantico Church. Along with the House, there is the Weems-Botts Museum Annex that [...]

Stull Cemetery

History Located in Lecompton, Kansas is the legendary Stull Cemetery. Prior to being named Stull, this area of land was referred to as Deer Creek and was founded by Pennsylvanian Dutch and German immigrants who headed west to avoid religious persecution and escape military duty, among other reasons. Being religious people, they raised $2,000 to [...]