Rochester Cemetery

History Located in Topeka, Kansas is the oldest historic cemetery in Shawnee County: Rochester Cemetery. This large cemetery is home to over 14,000 burials and even has its own pet cemetery. Like most old burial grounds, this location has been surrounded with eerie legends for decades. As someone who was raised in Topeka, I grew [...]

The 19th Century Kansas City “Vampires”

What is a Vampire? Vampire lore (or Vampir as it was in the original German spelling) has existed in countless cultures across the world. In European lore, vampires were usually someone who rose from the dead at night and would terrorize/kill their family or neighbors. They would often drink the blood of their victims by [...]

Joslyn Castle

History Located at 3902 Davenport Street in Omaha, Nebraska is the gorgeous Joslyn Castle. This lavish 35-room home was built in 1903 for George and Sarah Joslyn in a Scottish Baronial style at a cost of $250,000. (Adjusted for inflation, it would have cost about $7 million today.) Photo of George and Sarah Joslyn, from [...]

Museum of Shadows

History Located at 1110 Douglas Street in Omaha, Nebraska is the world famous Museum of Shadows. This building is home to over 3000 haunted artifacts that they claim have all been verified to have paranormal activity. This museum was curated by Nate and Kaleigh Raterman who are professional paranormal investigators, specialist's in demonology, and have [...]

Union Station

History Located at 30 West Pershing Road in Kansas City, Missouri is the historical Union Station. This locally famous structure was built in 1914 at a whopping size of 850,000 square feet, and originally featured 900 rooms. During this buildings prime as a working train station, hundreds of thousands of passengers would come through each [...]

Kansas City Woods

This post will be a little bit...different. We typically stay on the topic of more well known locations we visit and explore that are accompanied by tales of human ghosts and spirits. But as someone with more beliefs worth sharing, I felt it was time to dive into the topic of some more inhuman entities. [...]

Union Cemetery

History Located at 227 East 28th Terrace in Kansas City, Missouri is the beautiful and historic Union Cemetery. It is the oldest public cemetery in the Kansas City area, holding approximately 55,000 souls. This cemetery features some of the most prominent names in Kansas Cities history, such as the grave of Thomas Jefferson Goforth, who [...]

Alma Cemetery

History Located in Alma, Kansas is the Alma Cemetery. Alma is a very small town, with the 2010 census only listing 832 residents. This cemetery is somewhat of a hidden local gem, with not a lot of people outside of the immediate area ever hearing about it. Haunted History Alma Cemetery is home to a [...]