The Belle Grove Plantation

(Photo Credit to History Located in King George Virginia, the Belle Grove Plantation was established in the 1670’s as a tobacco plantation. The original mansion was built over the plantation in 1791 for the Hopkins-Bernard Family and expanded for the Turner family in 1839. This location is a historic Virginia location as President James [...]

The Martha Inn

The Martha Inn, Photo Credit to Wikipedia History:        Located in Abington Virginia, The Martha Inn Building has served as a home, a women’s college, a Civil War Hospital, a residence for traveling actors at the local Barter theater, and now a hotel over the last 174 years. The Martha Inn was originally built in 1832 [...]

Private Home Investigation: Mini Follow-up

In October, I investigated my friend Tempest's home that was having very unusual and strange activity. After cleansing the house, there was some activity, but the house went quiet (after one last loud bang from the resident ghost!). Recently, there have been strange happenings again and we wanted to see if we could capture anything. [...]

The Rising Sun Tavern

History Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the Rising Sun Tavern was built in 1760 as a home by George Washington's brother, Charles, and later turned into a tavern in 1792. After this property was sold to John Frazier in 1792, he established the building as a tavern with it becoming extremely popular with all social classes [...]

Sinking Springs Cemetery

Sinking Springs Cemetery, Photo taken by Hannah History: Located in Abington Virginia, the Sinking Spring Cemetery was established in 1773 as a burial ground by Presbyterian Church. As this cemetery was created for members of the Presbyterian Church, the Reverend, Charles Cummings, also had a log cabin house built on the 11 acres of cemetery [...]

The Chimneys

History The Chimneys, located in Fredericksburg Virginia, this historic house was built between the years 1771-1773, named after the stone chimneys at either end of the building. It was not documented who exactly owned The Chimneys, but it was designed by Charles Yates and constructed by John Glassell who was a local merchant coming from [...]

Sunken Hill Battlefield

History Located in Fredericksburg Virginia at Sunken Road, The Battle of Fredericksburg was fought on December 11-15, 1862. This battle marked another unsuccessful attempt by the Union army to move south against the Confederate capital at Richmond. The Union suffered over 12,600 casualties and the Confederate losses were around 5,300 casualties. To this day, there [...]

Alcatraz Prison

History Located in the San Francisco Bay in California, the small island of Alcatraz was developed with various facilities such as a lighthouse, military prison, and federal prison from 1934 until 1963. This island is home to the earliest abandoned prison, oldest lighthouse on the west coast, and early military establishments. During its time as [...]

Chancellor Virginia 1900’s Four-Room Schoolhouse

This blog post is a little different than the others; this is a private residential house that I investigated on Halloween. My friend Tempest recently moved into this old home that was converted from the original 4-room schoolhouse in Spotsylvania Virginia. Having previous experience with the paranormal and immediately after moving into her new home, [...]