Join us on our Ghouls Trip as we travel to America’s most haunted places!

  • The Belle Grove Plantation
    History Located in King George Virginia, the Belle Grove Plantation was established in the 1670’s as a tobacco plantation. The original mansion was built over the plantation in 1791 for […]
    Hello, Ghouls! Hannah here for a small update on Ghouls Trip! Ivy and I have taken a small break over the last few months as life gets busy, but I […]
  • The Martha Inn
    History:        Located in Abington Virginia, The Martha Inn Building has served as a home, a women’s college, a Civil War Hospital, a residence for traveling actors at the local Barter […]
  • Private Home Investigation: Mini Follow-up
    In October, I investigated my friend Tempest’s home that was having very unusual and strange activity. After cleansing the house, there was some activity, but the house went quiet (after […]
  • Joslyn Castle
    History Located at 3902 Davenport Street in Omaha, Nebraska is the gorgeous Joslyn Castle. This lavish 35-room home was built in 1903 for George and Sarah Joslyn in a Scottish […]
  • Museum of Shadows
    History Located at 1110 Douglas Street in Omaha, Nebraska is the world famous Museum of Shadows. This building is home to over 3000 haunted artifacts that they claim have all […]
  • Union Station
    History Located at 30 West Pershing Road in Kansas City, Missouri is the historical Union Station. This locally famous structure was built in 1914 at a whopping size of 850,000 […]
  • Kansas City Woods
    This post will be a little bit…different. We typically stay on the topic of more well known locations we visit and explore that are accompanied by tales of human ghosts […]
  • The Rising Sun Tavern
    History Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the Rising Sun Tavern was built in 1760 as a home by George Washington’s brother, Charles, and later turned into a tavern in 1792. After […]
  • Union Cemetery
    History Located at 227 East 28th Terrace in Kansas City, Missouri is the beautiful and historic Union Cemetery. It is the oldest public cemetery in the Kansas City area, holding […]
  • King’s Chapel Burying Ground (Haunted Hike Part Two)
    This is part two of a two-part series about another haunted hike I took part in a couple of years ago! The first stop was the Copp’s Hill Burying Ground… […]
  • Sinking Springs Cemetery
    History: Located in Abington Virginia, the Sinking Spring Cemetery was established in 1773 as a burial ground by Presbyterian Church. As this cemetery was created for members of the Presbyterian […]
  • Copp’s Hill Burying Ground (Haunted Hike Part One)
    This is part one of a two-part series about another haunted hike I took part in a couple of years ago! The first stop is the Copp’s Hill Burying Ground… […]
  • Alma Cemetery
    History Located in Alma, Kansas is the Alma Cemetery. Alma is a very small town, with the 2010 census only listing 832 residents. This cemetery is somewhat of a hidden […]
  • The Chimneys
    History The Chimneys, located in Fredericksburg Virginia, this historic house was built between the years 1771-1773, named after the stone chimneys at either end of the building. It was not […]
  • McInteer Villa
    History Located at 1301 Kansas Avenue in Atchison, Kansas is the famously haunted McInteer Villa. John McInteer was born in 1827 in Ireland and immigrated to the United States alone […]
  • Sauer Castle
    History Located at 935 Shawnee Road in Kansas City, Kansas is the historic Sauer Castle. This 19th century Italian-style mansion was built for Anton Sauer, his wife Maria, and their […]
  • Sunken Hill Battlefield
    History Located in Fredericksburg Virginia at Sunken Road, The Battle of Fredericksburg was fought on December 11-15, 1862. This battle marked another unsuccessful attempt by the Union army to move […]
  • Museum of Death (Hollywood)
    History Located on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California is the famous Museum of Death! This macabre museum was established in June of 1995 by J. D. Healy and […]
  • Alcatraz Prison
    History Located in the San Francisco Bay in California, the small island of Alcatraz was developed with various facilities such as a lighthouse, military prison, and federal prison from 1934 […]
  • Pittock Mansion (Haunted Hike Part Two)
    This is part two of a two-part series about a haunted hike I put together a couple of years ago! The first stop was the Witches Castle, next is the […]
  • Salem Part #1: The Lyceum and Old Burying Point Cemetery
    History The Salem Witch trials occurred in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. During this time, more than 200 people were accused of being a witch and many were given a death […]
  • Witches Castle (Haunted Hike Part One)
    This is part one of a two-part series about a haunted hike I put together a couple of years ago! The first stop was the Witches Castle… History Located on […]
  • The Shanghai Tunnels
    History Located in Portland, Oregon are the infamous Shanghai Tunnels, also referred to as the Old Portland Underground. These tunnels connected the Old Town, a.k.a. Chinatown, to the central downtown […]
  • Chancellor Virginia 1900’s Four-Room Schoolhouse
    This blog post is a little different than the others; this is a private residential house that I investigated on Halloween. My friend Tempest recently moved into this old home […]
  • Alexander Majors House (and Barn)
    History Located at 8201 State Line Rd in Kansas City, Missouri is the historical Alexander Majors House. This lovely antebellum house was built in 1856 for the family of Alexander […]
  • St. Albans Sanatorium
    History: Located in Radford Virginia, St. Albans Sanatorium was first built and used as a private preparatory high school for boys in 1892 by Professor George W. Miles. Miles envisioned […]
  • The Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins
    History The lovely stone “castle” ruins at the Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Camden County, Missouri are one of the Midwest’s favorite travel spots and its name comes from […]
  • Graffiti House
    History: Located in Brandy Station Virginia, the Graffiti House was constructed in 1858 by James Barbour and is one of the only remaining structures that was built before the American […]
  • Bunny Man Bridge
    History Located in Fairfax Virginia, the Bunny Man Bridge is an urban legend that began in the 1970 with several different variations of the tale. This bridge located at 6497 […]
  • Glore Psychiatric Museum
    History Located in St. Joseph, Missouri is the award winning Glore Psychiatric Museum. Named after George Glore, this museum houses over 10,000 items for visitors to view.  George Glore was […]
  • Weems-Botts Museum
    History Located at 3944 Cameron Street in Dumfries Virginia, the Weems-Botts House has been a historical landmark since the 1700’s. Built in 1749, this house was originally built to serve […]
  • Stull Cemetery
    History Located in Lecompton, Kansas is the legendary Stull Cemetery. Prior to being named Stull, this area of land was referred to as Deer Creek and was founded by Pennsylvanian […]
  • Hollywood Cemetery
    History Named for the holly trees that grow on the land, Hollywood Cemetery is located at 413 S Cherry Street in Richmond, Virginia. While being established in 1847, the cemetery […]
  • The Sallie House
    History Located at 508 N 2nd Street in Atchison, Kansas is the infamous Sallie House. This house was built in 1867 by the Finney family, who occupied the home until […]

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