Alma Cemetery

History: Located in Alma, Kansas is the Alma Cemetery. Alma is a very small town, with the 2010 census only listing 832 residents. This cemetery is somewhat of a hidden local gem, with not a lot of people outside of the immediate area ever hearing about it. Haunted History: Alma Cemetery is home to a [...]

McInteer Villa

History: Located at 1301 Kansas Avenue in Atchison, Kansas is the famously haunted McInteer Villa. John McInteer was born in 1827 in Ireland and immigrated to the United States alone when he was just a boy. He moved to Kansas in the early 1860s and went on to manufacture harnesses and saddles that he sold [...]

Sauer Castle

History Located at 935 Shawnee Road in Kansas City, Kansas is the historic Sauer Castle. This 19th century Italian-style mansion was built for Anton Sauer, his wife Maria, and their many children. The construction was finished and the mansion was fully furnished by 1872-1873, with the home being fitted with some of the best luxuries [...]

Stull Cemetery

History: Located in Lecompton, Kansas is the legendary Stull Cemetery. Prior to being named Stull, this area of land was referred to as Deer Creek and was founded by Pennsylvanian Dutch and German immigrants who headed west to avoid religious persecution and escape military duty, among other reasons. Being religious people, they raised $2,000 to [...]

The Sallie House

History: Located at 508 N 2nd Street in Atchison, Kansas is the infamous Sallie House. This house was built in 1867 by the Finney family, who occupied the home until the death of Dr. Charles Finney, a local physician and surgeon, in 1947. During this time, at least four members of the Finney family died [...]