Haunted Dolls


In December of 2020 we decided to host a contest on our Instagram page and let our Ghouls Trip followers vote on their favorite “haunted” doll that we picked out from eBay! Randall was the winner, so we documented our experiences with him to determine whether we believe this doll really is haunted.

Photo of Randall from the eBay seller, posing with an Ouija board

The seller had quite the back story for Randall, which we will insert below:

“Meet Randall

Randall was always known for being a clown and always joking around, he started to not be taken seriously about a lot of things. He was popular, smart, and fairly responsible for himself until his mom died. The university he was attending thought Randall was trying to get out of finals by going to his moms “funeral”. They wouldn’t let Randall fo and he kept crying trying to get the to understand. Eventually, they let him go to it and Randall was able to see his mother one last time but when he saw her is her casket he had a rush of power travel through him and he could see his past clearly from his moms point of view. Randall isn’t sure what power it is but he has always had it since that day, Randall ended up passing away from a head on collision but he has accepted that he is dead. Randall is super cool to be around and is a wealth of knowledge. Randall can pass down his power if he wants or lend it to you in times of need so being on Randall’s good side is needed. Randall sometimes turns on the oven or tv when im not around and I’ve found my doors unlocked sometimes. If you feel drawn to this spirit then he is all yours.

Many Blessings

Love and Light”

Randall arrived to Ivy in the mail on the evening of January 2, 2021, and she spent a while with him to really get a good feel for what was truly going on with this doll.

Ivy’s personal experience with Randall:

“Something I noticed right away (other than his immaculate beard) was that I kept calling him ‘Walter’, and didn’t even notice. This was odd, considering that we had been posting and texting about ‘Randall’ for weeks until he arrived, and it was the name I saw him as. (This could of course be nothing, I love naming pets and items based on what they look like.) Immediately after I took him out of the package that he arrived in, an amethyst crystal sitting in a shadow box on the wall in the room suddenly fell. It had been in there for quite a while, and there was no vibrations or anything that would have made it fall. I did pick up some very light EMF spikes from him while trying to investigate, but got no results from attempted EVP sessions, or engagement with any other equipment that I used. I decided to let him sleep across from me at night for a few nights as well, but experienced nothing spooky late at night or any odd dreams of any kind. Overall, I did not get any negative vibes, or anything else too compelling in terms of paranormal evidence or experiences. Personally, I believe that if there is anything going on with this doll, it is more of a residual effect and not from an actual spirit attachment. I sent him off to Hannah where he would likely be staying as his permanent home!

Frighteningly yours,


Photo Ivy took before one of her sessions where little to no activity occurred.

Hannah’s experience with Randall:

“Randall arrived at my house from Ivy in the beginning of February at the same time as another haunted doll (see below post!). While doing investigations with Randall, I captured a few EMF spikes but no EVPs from any of my investigations. I also tried using the Spirit Box to communicate with him and also putting the REM Pod near him, seeing if he could make the device go off; both were inconclusive and produced no evidence. Since he will be living with me, I will continue to conduct various investigations with him but so far, nothing paranormal with him as occurred. Even though I do not believe he is haunted, he is still super cute and I hope he enjoys his new home on my bookshelf.”

Hauntingly Yours,


Estes Method Session:

We decided to do a long-distance version of the Estes Method with him as a last attempt to see if there is anything paranormal surrounding this doll. (You can learn about this method under the Spirit Box section on our Equipment We Use page.) The results were slow to come with this session, and left us with more questions than answers.

We received no responses in the begging and were about to give up, but suddenly the first response came through, and sounded like “Come on.”. We were not sure how to interpret this; was it sarcastic? Or did they want us to keep going? (It is also always possible these responses were nothing, and just normal radio voices.) We also received “a house” in a female voice, which could align with a previous question Ivy asked: if the spirit liked where Hannah was keeping them (in her house). We don’t want to stretch too much looking for answers to previous questions in case they are unrelated, but we also don’t know what it is like for an entity to communicate this way or how long it takes, so who knows. Hannah heard the same woman’s voice say “Huh.” and when Ivy asked if the information on eBay was not true and if this spirit was someone else, Hannah heard “That’s nice.” also in the same woman’s voice. At this point, Ivy texted Hannah, who could not hear what she was saying, to ask whether the woman’s voice was just coming through on the same stations as the spirit box looped, and Hannah replied that it was not. Right at this moment, a male voice came through the device and said “Are we done?”. Ivy asked more questions which seemed to go unanswered, when Hannah suddenly heard the name “Janice” come through. The EMF meter that was set on the dolls lap had not gone off yet, so Ivy asked if they could make the light on the screen light up. Just after that, Hannah’s knee (which the doll + EMF meter were leaning on) started to feel ice cold. This was compelling, because the cold sensation happened just after Ivy asked if they could interact with the device, and Hannah of course had no idea that Ivy asked this question. Right on cue, Hannah heard “Are you cold?” (in the same woman’s voice) come through the spirit box, which obviously gave her a little bit of a fright. Whatever was doing this knew what was going on, which was quite fascinating! Shortly after, Hannah heard “Thank you.” come through, so Ivy told them they are welcome and tried to clarify who they are; are they Randall’s mom? Are they attached to the item, or just wondering through?

No more responses were heard, so we called it a night. We did not expect an experience like this after having nothing happen with this doll. So were these voices Randall and his mother? Is there an entirely different spirit attached to this item? Did a wondering spirit here us calling out and and decide to engage with us? Or was this nothing? Hannah is going to mail Randall back to Ivy so we can do this method again, but with Hannah asking the questions and Ivy listening to her spirit box.

You can watch our YouTube video about this experience here!

Stay tuned for more updates as we try to figure out what just happened…