Types of Evidence/Manifestations

Disclaimer: There are no facts with the paranormal because it cannot be studied and observed via the scientific method, so it is perfectly okay to have different beliefs than what we state here. We use the most common beliefs and theories, as well as what we personally believe based on our research and experiences.

This information may change over time as we are presented with new information or experiences.


EVP stands for “electronic voice phenomenon” and is when we capture the voices of spirits and entities via recordings. This is typically done with a method referred to as “burst EVP sessions”; when you ask a quick series of questions, listen back for spirit responses, and continue to ask more questions based on possible responses you received. Most investigators can agree that the majority of evidence you might capture in your life will be in EVP form. You can learn more about how this is possible by clicking the “Equipment We Use” tab and looking under the “Digital Voice Recorder” section.

Cold/Hot spots

Cold spots are common during many investigations. Because entities are made up of some type of energy, it is theorized that as they manifest and pull energy from areas around them, this can create a cold spot. (Because heat is energy.) This can leave that spot feeling cooler in temperature than the rest of the space around it. Cold spots can sometimes be debunked as sneaky drafts, which is the case for cold spots most of the time. A good way to tell if it is a manifestation or a draft is by the temperature difference; the greater the difference, the more likely it is that it could be an actual entity manifesting (drafts tend to be a very slight temperature change within a few degrees). On this note, hot spots are also common during paranormal investigations, and can be the result of the presence of a spirit themselves after having taken enough energy to interact. For example, batteries and devices might drain around a haunted object, and suddenly the temperature of the object rises. That being said, some people believe that cold spots = human spirits, hot spots = demons, or vice versa. Or maybe their temperature changes have nothing to do with energy, and more to do with the plane they exist on being a different temperature and atmosphere than ours, which is a good spiritual explanation, who knows…


Orbs are another very common types of evidence that people capture on photo and in video. They typically appear as mostly opaque (and sometimes glowing) balls of light. It is commonly believed that orbs are the energy form that spirits and entities can remain as while dormant or while traveling. Unfortunately, the vast majority of “orb” photos or videos can be debunked as being dust, an insect, or a glare, with many investigators claiming that orbs are usually transparent. From the research and tests that Ivy has performed, she is a firm believer that almost all transparent “orbs” are dirt/dust. There is a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine whether something is an orb:

  • How transparent is it? Dust, more often than not, is fairly thin and transparent on camera. With dust you will also typically have a lot of it, so if there is many small, mostly transparent specs all flowing and traveling together, then it is just dust moving with a draft.
  • Is there a “flutter”? With insects, you will usually be able to see a slight flutter from their wings. You can also sometimes see their legs, antennas, and they tend to reflect light very well, giving them a bright glow.
  • Does it have a tint? Many true orbs will sometimes have a slight tint of color to them.


Mist (or ecto-mist) is another common type of manifestation. Mist appears exactly as the name describes it; it is typically white, grey, or black, and is vaporous and smoky in appearance. This can often be debunked as breath, smoke, or kicked-up dirt being caught on camera, so it is important to keep that in mind when analyzing possible (paranormal) mist photographs.


There are two main categories for apparitions; partial-bodied and full-bodied, which are pretty self explanatory. A partial-bodied apparition is when only some of a (typically human) form manifests, whereas a full-bodied apparition is when the full form has manifested from head to toe. Both are extremely rare, and to capture them on photo or video is every paranormal investigators dream!